We move forward into the new year with the latest draft of the script by David Roach, distilling the incredible story into a tighter, more compelling and historically accurate tale.

During the research process to thoroughly check every detail possible of the events, settings and characters against historical fact, we came across a photograph of the only Aboriginal tunneller in WW1 - labeled simply as 'unknown'. The only clue was "ear wiggers" scribbled on the back of the photo, colloquial for tunnellers.

Townsville journalist Isis Symes ran an article in her Bulletin newspaper spearheading a search for the identity of the unknown soldier which so far has lead to lots of enquiries but not EUREKA as yet.

We discovered that service by Aborigines in World War I is something that few Australians know about - often their colour prevented them from enlisting, and they often returned from war with little record of their service or awards.



Jeremy and I were invited by the North Queensland Club's Vice President, Fay Barker to come back up to Townsville again for a gala dinner Feb 13th, to once again present the package, the investment and sponsorship possibilities and consolidate more of the support from the locals who are keen to see the project go full-steam ahead. Jeremy will present some snippets from his last feature film LAST TRAIN TO FREO and discuss this new one with regards to the cast and character portrayal. I'll show some snippets from my Western Front Doco I made for History Channel this past November to set the scene for exploring Australia's significant involvement on the WESTERN FRONT - five times bigger than Gallipoli. Five times more Aussie men fought on the Western Front, the fighting lasted five times longer, and five times more men were killed. Most importantly, the story of the ANZACs on the Western Front is one of victory. Unlike the defeat at Gallipoli, the Australians on the Western Front helped to win World War I. And Townsville played a very important role in the war at that time. Every man or boy from North Australia who went to war embarked from that city, and still today it is Australia's largest garrison city.


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