Producer - Bill Leimbach

Bill has had over 25 years experience in action and adventure Film and Television as both Producer and Director. After University in California he trained in FILM at London Film School and the BBC. He worked in the UK Film and TV industry for ten years before moving his production company to Australia in the 1980’s from where he has produced over 25 films - for National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, BBC, ABC and SBS and Australian commercial channels 7, 9 and 10. His programs have been seen around the world. He lives in Sydney where he currently has two features and two documentaries in various stages of development. His most recently completed was a long form special for THE HISTORY CHANNEL and FAIRFAX, with Jack Thompson, to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Gallipoli in 2005.
His awards include:

  • Academy Award Nomination for Best Feature Length Documentary - RAONI.
    AFI Best Director & Best Documentary for MUSICAL MARINER.
    LOGIE nomination for Best Director for FIRST FLEET: RIGHT OF PASSAGE
    LOGIE nomination for best TV series (Producer/Director) 26 episodes of OUTBACK ADVENTURES.

Executive Producer: Ross J Thomas

ROSS is the world's leading authority on the Australian miners of World War I. The project has been his brain child for over 15 years. Born and educated in Brisbane he pursued the Mining Industry at Tertiary level at the University of Queensland and Post Graduate studies in Management at University of Central Queensland.

He has worked from Queensland to Zambia to Krakow to South Africa - as Mining Engineer, Shift Boss, Quarry Manager, Inspector of Mines, Operation manager, Consulting Mining Engineer, Sight Senior Executive, Health and Safety Consultant and Mining Development Manager for companies such as Consolidated Copper, Goldfields of South Africa Ltd, Pioneer Concrete, Queensland Government Dept of Mines and Energy, BHP, Mansell Mining, Bluestone Tin Ltd, to name but a few.

He has been Promoter, Organiser and Chairman of mining conferences as well as Author and Presenter of technical mining papers.He is a member of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and organiser of technical sessions and the Australian Institute of Quarrying.

He lives and works from his home in Townsville Queensland



Greg Rains, who is representing the syndicate of Private Investors from Townsville rocked into Sydney this week and went straight to our Fox office to meet the team.

Greg Rains (bottom left) with BH60 team Jeremy, David, Sandy and Michelle.

Quickly into conference with the film's Line Producer, Michelle Russell to discuss a million things that need to be sorted out before we move the full cast and crew to Townsville in June.

Greg with Michelle Russell, Line Producer

Then he met up with John Lee owner of CUTTING EDGE Post Production House who will be handling the movie for Post Production once it has been totally filmed in Townsville. Lots to talk about when they found out they are both Queensland lads!

Greg with Cutting Edge owner, John Lee.

Greg and Jeremy got on like a house on fire and they even posed for some photos to fulfill Greg's promises that he made to his nieces - to bring back a photo of Jeremy who they adored seeing in HOME AND AWAY these past three weeks.

Greg and recent Home and Away star, Jeremy Sims (Director)

Greg was then whisked away to meet the films legal team: Michael McMichael and Jules Munro from Simpsons Solicitors, to ensure the Townsville Investors are getting the real deal.

Greg with film lawyers Jules Munro (left) and Michael McMichael (centre)

Finally at the end of an action packed day, he met the two main ladies who have championed this film through Screen Australia. Sally Browning, Investment Manager (Production Investment) and Rebecca Hardman, Senior Legal Manager.
Screen Australia is the new Federal Government body in charge of Australian film and TV projects and they have become the principal investor in our film.

Sally Browning (Left) with Greg and Rebecca Hardman
outside the Screen Australia offices. Love the shoes, Rebecca!


Production Designer Clayton Jauncey (left) with Art Director, Sam Hobbs

Director - Jeremy Sims

Jeremy is a popular and well-known figure in Australian film, TV and theatre - as an actor and director. Working in film he received an AFI award Best Actor nomination for the film 'Idiot Box'. On television he has several Logie and AFI Best Actor nominations, winning for 'Aftershocks' in 1996. On stage, he is one of Australia's greatest actors, playing roles like Cyrano De Bergerac and Hamlet to national acclaim.
As a director, he regularly works for Australia's flagship theatre producer - The Sydney Theatre Company. With his own Pork Chop Productions he has directed and produced acclaimed classical interpretations and original theatrical works all around the country. Recently Jeremy has focused on new Australian works, enlisting the Sydney Opera House as a co-production partner. His production of 'Last Cab to Darwin' won many awards and toured nationally in 2004. His first feature film as a director, 'Last Train to Freo', received three AFI nominations and secured Jeremy's position as one of the country's most promising. He is married to well known film director Samantha Lang (The Well, L'Idole)

Click Here to take a quick look at Jeremy's film,
"Last Train to Freo"

Writer - David Roach

His most recent projects include:

YOUNG EINSTEIN. Co-writer, co-producer, editor - Released in Australia through Village Roadshow and internationally through Warner Bros. AFI nomination “Best Screenplay”. Number one box office in Australia, France and Germany upon release. Listed as the 10th all time box office success in Australia and rated 20th biggest Australian box office abroad (with STRICTLY BALLROOM at 19th).
“Australia has never seen a film like this before. Nor has anyone else. It is, at its best, thoroughly astonishing” Phillip Adams - The Australian

RECKLESS KELLY Co-writer, editor, Associate Producer. Released in Australia through Village Roadshow and internationally through Warner Bros. Rated the second at the Australian Box Office in 1993, taking $6 million (just behind the THE PIANO at number one that year).

MR ACCIDENT. Co-writer, co-produce. Released in Australia in 2000 through Village Roadshow and internationally through MGM/UA.

WRITERS ON WRITING DVD doco featured some of Australia’s best writers talking about their craft. Developed by the University of Technology Sydney Nominated for the Australian Teachers of Media Award 2006.

SINGER – A DANGEROUS MIND was a one hour portrait of the controversial philosopher, Peter Singer. Written and Produced for the BBC and ABC.
“Television dynamite…” - The Sydney Morning Herald

David’s most recent projects are:
"One Bad Thing". A comedy thriller.
"Going Nowhere, Fast". A cross cultural feature set in UK Bulgaria
"Rough Cuts". A feature in the style of a documentary about short filmmaking

Our lawyers for the film were Michael McMichael and Jules Munro 


Jules is a partner at the entertainment and intellectual property firm Simpsons Solicitors. He is the firm’s film & TV specialist. Jules was admitted as a solicitor in 1997 and joined Simpsons in 2002.  He provides film industry clients with commercial and strategic advice ranging from rights acquisition and management, film development, production funding, contract negotiation and product distribution to deal structures and litigation. Beyond film and television, Jules draws clients from the music and other media industries, as well as clients involved in information technology and intellectual property generally. For more on Jules see

Michael McMichael

Michael has been a lawyer, practising in Sydney, for over 30 years, in all facets of entertainment law with particular emphasis on filmed entertainment.

His film and television credits include legal work many Australian Feature films such as Don's Party, Razorback, The Perfectionist, Garbo and the animated feature Fern Gully, the highly successful Gladiators television series and numerous television documentaries, on some of which he acted as executive producer in arranging tax-effective equity investment.

Michael helped setup PBL Productions, the film and television production company established by Consolidated Press in the 1980s, and was responsible for implementing the company's initial international corporate structuring. He also represented the American completion guarantor, The Completion Bond Company, in the establishment of its Australian operations and the documentation of its bonding transactions.

On the music front he has worked with artists, managers, producers and labels, from acts such as Air Supply, the labels RooArt and Phantom, to the distributor Metropolitan Groove Merchants (MGM) and was the founding President of the Association of Independent Record Labels (AIR).

During the period 1996 to 1999 Michael worked with Macquarie Bank, in the development of its strategy for entry into the financing of filmed entertainment. resulting in Macquarie being a successful applicant for one of the two FLIC (Film Licensed Investment Company) licences awarded by the Australian Federal Government.



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