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Greg Rains and his Exchange Hotel

Greg Rains has been a member of the Townsville Beneath Hill 60 support team for over a year. A successful businessman and now publican owner of the oldest pub in town - The Exchange.

Recently in the Bulletin, Mr Rains said he had taken an interest in the film because of his involvement in the mining industry and his association with the film's executive producer, mining engineer Ross Thomas.

He said the story, based on Charters Towers mining manager Oliver Woodward who helped dig tunnels under enemy lines at Ypres, France, laying the groundwork for a successful campaign of huge explosions, was fascinating.

"As an investment strategy, it's high-risk ... but when we are at the Oscars we'll be thinking [it is] a great investment," he said.

Mr Rains is looking to redecorate the public bar of his Exchange Hotel and rename it Hill 60.

The Markwell Group in Townsville, North Queensland offers a diverse range of equipment for hire, with expertise and a wealth of experience. For more than 20 years the Markwell Group has been building a reputation for reliability, adaptability and professionalism while maintaining a friendly and approachable manner. Whether you're after Earthmoving Equipment Hire, Crushing and Screening, Rockbreaking, Demolition of Asbestos Removal services, The Markwell Group can provide a safe and efficient service and hire options.

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New South Wales Film and Television Office

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Pacific Film and Television Commission


Simpsons Solicitors

Simpsons Solicitors have built a strong reputation as one of Australia’s most highly regarded entertainment practices. “Legal Profiles rates Simpsons in the top “Premier” category for entertainment law.

We would like to give our Legals system a BIG Thank you, we couldn't have done it without you.

Food Relief NQ

The Food Relief NQ charity in Townsville set up by Brad Webb of BM Webb, is an extremely worthy cause, one with which we are very proud to have an association. You can see from their website just how active they have been lately.

Smith and Elliott Real Estate

To some, drawing a comparison between the real estate and film industries would be like comparing chalk and cheese, but Sally Elliott, the Principal & Director of the Smith+Elliott Group has combined elements from both industries to provide a level of customer service we will need to pull this film off in Townsville - where accommodation in the height of the tourist season is like gold.

Their offices have a great atmosphere and always a friendly face to greet you. When choosing Smith+Elliott Real Estate, we chose the most forward-thinking and client-oriented company available. They love to say that their staff have all graduated from the University of Life.

Escape Travel

All our Travel Arrangements are being organised by Debbie Giudes and her Escape Travel team. With such a large body of cast and crew coming to and fro from Sydney to Townsville, we need a very efficient Travel Agent and team of coordinators to make sure our plans run smoothly and on a tight shooting schedule.


My Clean Sky

Beneath Hill 60's creative team and most of the Heads of Department in the crew, as well as Principal cast members are from Sydney, where the project was developed will need to travel to Townsville for the stages of Pre Production and Production (film shoot).

This means we will be travelling a lot by air.

It is wonderful to be able to reduce our carbon footprint with Beneath Hill 60 by joining My Clean Sky and offsetting all our carbon emissions from air travel.

We can move forward with this exciting Australian film project, proud in the knowledge that together with My Clean Sky we have offset the impact on the fragile environment.

It is a very positive step towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future, which businesses and corporations are now able to play an active part.

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