The Film script is based on the writings of one Queensland tunneller who's heroic efforts contributed to the drama and the success of the tunnellers and won him the Military Cross: CAPTAIN OLIVER WOODWARD.

His bravery, his drama and his cool storytelling help weave all the elements of our film together, to make compelling, historic and entertaining Cinema, Television and DVD.

Cost efficient ways of story telling will combine to make THE SILENCE BENEATH distinctive - providing a fresh and energetic approach to production.


Captain Woodward's book and now our script tell a tale of early life in rural North Queensland where he meets and courts a very young and striking Marjorie. Soon after taking his first mining job in exotic New Guinea he discovers England is at war with the Germany, the colonial masters of New Guinea. He barely escapes back to Australia where he learns that they are desperately short of miners on the western front. Along with just about every able body boy of his age, he is soon off to War.

Once at War, the producers will contain the dramatized elements to the underground tunnels, to explore the characters, their fears and desires, in an extremely pressurized environment. This style will contain the production costs, by bringing the tunnellers' world to life through selected dramatization.

Oliver Woodward will be played by Australia's rising star actor - like Brendan Cowell. Fresh off playing Hamlet in the Sydney Opera House this year and 'best actor of the year' in the film NOISE , last year, he has the intensity and the experience to bring drama and empathy to the character. Other key actors who have registered interest in joining the project have also worked closely with Jeremy Sims in the past, like Hugo Weaving and Gyton Grantley.

The high drama, the humour and the heroism in an extremely dangerous environment, will layer with rich historic detail, all tied together with a script from Woodward's own writing - all maintained within a budget of $8,640,500.

Made in Townsville.
Filming will take place for six weeks in and around Townsville, from the 20th of July to the 28th of August, 2009

1916 film sets will be built in the area which will convey WW1 open trenches for the soldiers and the underground tunnels which became the home of Oliver Woodward and the 1st Australian Tunneling Corp.

The trenches and tunnels will be built with the help of experienced miners and contractors in the area together with the best professional designers in the Australian Film Industry - to look like North Queensland life in the early 20th century. Locations will be found to simulate Marjorie's tropical family homestead, the Burns Philip office, wharves and the local mining activities that form the detail of the script. will all be built





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